Decred, an autonomous digital currency, offers a fully decentralized system. Its entire community can debate or criticize important proposals, without having to risk a split within the community.

The governance system has been focusing on optimizing liquidity on DCR exchanges. Its community is exploiting the Decred’s off-chain governance toolkit to choose the best market maker for trading in the PoW/PoS cryptocurrency.

Liquidity is crucial to sustain a market’s long-term health. Most game-changing decisions are taken behind closed doors. Thus this contradicts with the ethos of the decentralized currencies. Decred offers a governance structure that enables its entire community to help decide the solution to DCR liquidity.

Market-makers are offering services through Decred’s native public proposal system. Each of the prospects has a different offering, having presented diverse advantages and costs up for a debate within Decred’s community.

Iterative Capital offers a “tighter and deeper market”, improving the ecosystem’s growth and ease selling and buying transactions.

Altonomy emphasizes the speed, minimizing market spread between sellers and buyers.

Grapefruit Trading focuses on the volatility reduction through establishing a greater depth on popular trading pairs, benefiting transactors and stakers.

Decred’s unique off and on-chain governance allows members to vote by time-locking their assets for 28 days. The essence of on-chain voting is a validation of blocks and consensus changes, whereas off-chain voting focuses on public proposals, presented on Politea – Decred’s public proposal system.